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Asbestos Management

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What is asbestos management?

Our reputation for professionalism and in-depth knowledge and experience of the asbestos industry enables us to manage all your asbestos needs. From start-to- finish, you can rest assured that your complete asbestos projects are safe, comprehensive and affordable with Atmosphere Environmental.

We believe that communication is key and so with our friendly team on-hand every step of the way, you’ll stay up-to-date throughout the asbestos removal process to ensure you comply with all relevant regulations and workplace legislation.

Why do you need asbestos management?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 contains an explicit duty for companies to assess and manage asbestos risks from asbestos containing materials. These include risks incurred during both the normal occupancy of the premises as well as during refurbishment and demolition activities.

How do we ensure you comply with regulations and workplace legislation?

The specific regulation is regulation 4: the duty to manage, which requires those who have responsibilities for maintenance activities (“the duty holder”) to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres through ensuring the following actions are carried out:

  1. Take reasonable steps to find asbestos in the premises and assess the condition of these materials
  2. Presume that materials do contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence that they do not
  3. Prepare an asbestos record of the location and condition of ACMs and assess their associated risks
  4. Develop and implement a plan to manage identified risks
  5. Ensure ACMs are managed in-situ by controlling maintenance work
  6. Prioritise services for ACMs that require seals, encapsulations or repairs
  7. Remove ACMs that cannot be managed in-situ (last resort only)
  8. Provide information on the location and condition of the material to anyone who is liable to disturb it
  9. Regularly review the condition of ACMs in order to ensure that the plan remains up to date

What is a management plan and why do you need it?

Atmosphere Environmental can help you comply with regulations and workplace legislation by locating, identifying, assessing and recording the risks from asbestos-containing materials in your premises. This information will form the basis of your management plan. A full management plan can then be developed by prioritising and abating the risk, and then implementing procedures to deal with future risks, such as re-inspections, staff training and the management of on-site maintenance workers and contractors.

We are able to design your asbestos management plan from inception through to the survey, abatement and training phases.

In addition, at Atmosphere Environmental, we organise asbestos removal contractors and guide you through the entire asbestos removal process including the management of the production of work scope and strategy, project meetings and the quotations and tender review.

Atmosphere Environmental offers asbestos management in Yorkshire and throughout the UK. For more information on asbestos management, please contact one of our friendly team today.


"Atmosphere Environmental have been our sole provider of asbestos surveys and asbestos management since 2010, providing a personal service and are very easy to work with. They offer high quality cost effective surveys and are always prompt with their reporting. I would highly recommend them".

Roger Pinto-Smith, Facilities Manager, Greenwoods Menswear Ltd

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