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Asbestos Survey Quotes Yorkshire

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The cost of Asbestos Surveys varies greatly depending upon the size of the property, the number of potential asbestos containing materials (ACM), and the number (if any) of test samples required. This website will give initial estimates from a number of Asbestos Surveyors with full contact details so that you will be able to approach them directly to discuss your requirement in more detail.

The estimates generated are not quotations but are guideline prices for the Surveyor to visit your property to carry out an initial investigation. The Surveyor will then be able to provide a report outlining what further steps will need to be considered and, where applicable, an indication of likely further costs. These costs may vary quite considerably dependent on what type of survey is required. There are two types of survey as follows:

Management Survey as part of risk control in occupied buildings (previously called a Type 1 or Type 2 Survey).

Demolition/Refurbishment Survey prior to work so the asbestos can first be safely removed (previously called a Type 3 Survey). This survey is destructive as even hidden asbestos containing materials must be identified. It is important to remember that a Management Survey will not provide a list of all asbestos containing materials, just those which present a risk to people in the building during normal occupancy. If building or demolition is planned a fully intrusive survey will be needed. Again a competent asbestos survey will provide further advice.

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